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The History of the Elie Bleu Humidor

The History of the Elie Bleu Humidor

The artisans at Elie Bleu have been practicing their craft since 1976. Since their first woodworking bench was put to good use, the company has built a reputation matched by only the likes of Dunhill, Dupont and other super-luxury brands. The first workshop was opened in Faubourg Saint-Antoine, the cradle of Parisian woodwork. Originally specialising in crafting wooden ornaments, Elie Bleu became well known in the French market. As consumers decided that the quality of Elie Bleu products was unquestionable, the brand began to create premium accessories of every kind. Watches, jewels, ornaments, cigar cutters and of course, humidors.

From the beginning, Elie bleu have been known first and foremost for their woodworking skills. Crafting a quality humidor requires a master of carpentry. Perhaps this is why the artistic humidors have become Elie Bleu’s best selling product. Not purely due to the beauty of each cigar box, but due to the supreme quality of each and every hand crafted heirloom.

The growth of the Elie Bleu Brand

Since the organisation’s founding, Elie Bleu gradually imposed its style and brand on the national market. First venturing abroad during the 1990’s. This would prove to be a game changing period for the business. Cigar sales took off in the USA, resulting in a huge increase in demand for humidors and cigar cases. After the recommendation of their products by a leading gentlemen’s journalist, Elie Bleu enjoyed tremendous success. Not longer after obtaining recognition in the states, the American market represented 80% of sales by the end of the nineties.

Following from the success, Elie Bleu opened its first shop in the heart of Paris. The store provided the best possible showcase for its product to the newly recognized ‘aficionado’. The year 2000 marked a new era for the company, expanding the product range and commissioning multiple product lines that were only for those with deep pockets. The Russian clientèle immediately fell in love with the company’s products. An Elie Bleu shop opened in Moscow in December 2006.

Have a look at some of our Favourite Elie Bleu Humidors

Elie Bleu humidors are a more than just a functional piece of furniture. They are art. Each individual humidor is hand crafted to perfection before being hand painted and inlaid with various marquetry. Here are a few of our favourite humidors.elie bleu snake humidor

Elie Bleu Snake Humidor

The Snake line was created to commemorate the year of the snake, in Chinese astrological culture. In the east, the snake is admired as the perfect being. Known for his will, revered for his wisdom and thought up to for his sagacity. The unrivaled artisans at Elie Bleu have hand crafted every one of these cigar boxes from sycamore timber, or ebony in the case of one unique design. This would be the perfect functional ornament to complete your collection. Alternatively, the humidor would make a brilliant gift for a friend born in the year of the snake.

Elie Bleu Gun Humidorelie bley gun humidor

The Gun inspired humidors have the capacity for 110 cigars. Every one of the designs features the same James Bond-esk automatic pistol with a silencer. This gives the line a very manly character and certainly livens up the scenery. A humidor from this line would fit in perfectly in a good gentlemen’s cigar lounge or man-cave.

Elie Bleu Che Humidorelie bleu che humidor

This 25 cigar humidor is the smallest that produced at the workshop. The unmatched quality and intricate attention to detail that is quintessential of the larger humidors has been packed into this smaller, 25 capacity cigar box. On the lid of each humidor is a hand painted recreation of perhaps the most famous photograph in the world: Alberto Corda’s shadow picture of the brilliant mind behind the Cuban revolution. The functional ornament is finished with a lock and key to keep cigar thieves out!

As always, thank you for reading our blog post. If you would like to have a closer look at our broad range of Elie Bleu humidors, then please click here.