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Cigar enthusiasts often believe that, other than the actual cigar, few other cigar accessories are needed. A cigar lover needs only a basis cutter and lighter to satiate the smoking desire. The cigar community, however, deserves much more. In the range of the elite cigar accessories, there is much more that is considered as ‘must have.’ Therefore, “It is not only a cigar that maketh a man!’  There are several tools that fall in this category that adorns men, such as the sterling silver Dunhill cigar cutter or the Xikar Xi3 cutter crafted by hand from seafloor coral.

The pastime of cigar smoking is often associated with fine gentlemen and great men. Winston Churchill, Michael Jordan and even fictitious men such as James Bond are all known to enjoy the act of smoking a fine Cuban cigar. Junior aficionados can be forgiven for poor practice when cutting, lighting and smoking their cigars using inadequate tools. No experienced or distinguished Cigar Connoisseur, however, should be seen lighting up with a Bic lighter or capping a cigar with a knife (or even his teeth!). Itsamansworld is here to solve this issue and supply all cigar smokers the right cigar accessories, whatever their need.

Itsamansworld has selected and branded a range of cigar equipment appropriate for the cigar enthusiast in the UK as well as globally.  You’ll find everything you could possibly need, from cigar cutters, cigar lighters, humidors to cigar ashtrays, etc. All well known brands for cigar accessories like Xikar, Lamborghini, Dunhill, Guillotine, Punch, Elie Bleu etc. – are available online for you to buy and enjoy. All you have to do is choose what you want from the luxury of your home and we will have it sent over.

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