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Although they essentially serve the same purpose, cigar ashtrays are very different from usual ashtrays. Ashtrays used for cigars are usually a lot larger, as cigar smoking is a social hobby. The enhanced size of a cigar ashtray is also due to the enhanced size of a cigar, when compared to a cigarette. There is far more tobacco in a cigar and thus, much more ash to be discarded. Another way a cigar ashtray is easily distinguished is by the ditch moulded into the side of the tray as a place to rest your cigar. Some cigar ashtrays will have multiple rests for aficionados sharing a tray, though others have just one rest for the individual connoisseur.

Cigar smoking is a hobby associated with ‘gentlemen’. Many a great man has publicly puffed with pride on their favorite cigars. Others have preferred to keep to a more private intimacy in their cigar smoking pastime. The ultimate tool that goes with this interest is the cigar ashtray. Many a great men claim that the type of cigar ashtray you own should emulate your style and personality.

The Cigar ashtrays of the yesteryears were aesthetic pieces of art.  But the ones designed in today’s times, are made for enthusiastic smokers. The ones we bring for you on offer, are not only beautifully hand crafted with the highest quality of material, but also functional and practical in form. Choose anyone of these cigar ashtrays and you can be assured of a clean cigar smoking experience.

Prometheus Cigar AshtraysAnother Distinguishing feature of a cigar ashtray is the premium quality and luxury aesthetic. This is easily observed from the Prometheus Cigar Ashtray. (Left) Produced in the Tuscany region of Italy from bone china. It is hand painted by master artisans and then dispatched to deserving cigar aficionados, through us at