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The quality of a cigar depends largely on the cigar cutter used to nip the cap. Cutting your cigar is not rocket science but certain basic skills and good cigar cutters are needed to give your cigar a clean cut. If you don’t have the appropriate tools or don’t cut where you are supposed to your wrapper will unravel and it may be bothersome while you smoke, not to mention ruining the flavour and hurting your reputation as a cigar aficionado.

There are four types of cigar cutter that are common today (five if you include biting the cap off with your teeth). Each cigar cutter is appropriate for cutting a different type of cigar. For example, punch cutters are great for larger cigars and are very difficult to misuse. Simply unsheathe the blade and press it into the cap of your cigar, the excess will be captured in the cigar cutter so that it can be discarded of. If the whole is not as large as you desire, you can always use the blades again to make a larger hole. Punch cutters are not efficient, however, for use on torpedo cigars or cigars with a lower ring gauge. For this you may choose a guillotine cutter, a V-Cut or even some cigar scissors. There is a cigar cutter for every man’s style.

Xikar Cigar CuttersA cigar cutter that we recommend is the luxury Xikar Xi3 cutter. The cutter pictured (left), is not only one of the finest cutters in production for precision and power, but is also strikingly beautiful. Each cutter is hand crafted in the USA from pacific ocean coral, collected from the sea bed.

At, we supply many fine cigar cutters like the Xikar Xi3 and many others. Be sure not to miss out on these once in a lifetime purchases. Have you decided which cutter is right for you yet?

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