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Cigars aficionados have always had the need for cigar humidification to keep their cigars ripe for smoking and storage. Traditionally, cigars are kept in hand crafted humidors to try and maintain humidity levels. High quality humidors, such as the brands we sell: Elie Bleu and Dunhill, are fantastic for maintaining a good humidity. This is because they go through a huge amount of inspection and perfection before they reach retailers. Good humidors are made from extremely high quality timber, usually from the trunk a rainforest tree and are hand crafted by up to one hundred different hands! The wood is treated with sap and other substances to protect the contents from the outside world, most high quality humidors are fitted with temperature and humidity controlling devices. All this attention to detail is absolutely necessary for protecting your cigar investments, but it comes at a price. Literally!Humidification

This is where the new age of cigar humidification steps in. Xikar, a leading designer and manufacturer of cigar accessories, has innovated several different humidification products to save cigar enthusiasts money on costly humidors. Alternatively, humidification products such as hygrometers can be used to enhance an already excellent humidor. Whilst a humidor alone is a good way to preserve a cigar, investments can still become damp or damaged if not treated by a product such as a crystal humidifier.

This is because cigars need to be kept at different levels of humidity depending on how long they are stored for and how long until they are intended to be smoked. For example, an aficionado who has cigars that he wishes to smoke daily may keep them at a humidity level of 70%. Another man, however, has made a long term investment in a rare batch of cigars and he plans to keep them for a long time. This man would likely keep his cigars at around 45-50% humidity.

Without quality humidification products such as a Humifan it would be difficult to regulate and change the humidity of a humidor. Another bonus is that a much cheaper humidor, say less than £200, is suddenly capable of keeping your cigars in premium condition with a few quality small investments.

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