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Cigars are not only a hobby, or status symbol, but an investment. Cigars, especially the premium variety, are often expensive and have been known the appreciate with time. This is why it is of the upmost importance to keep your cigar investments safe in a secure Dunhill cigar case. Some cigar enthusiasts would say that it is essential for a man to have a cigar on his person at all times, in case occasion arises. So why not keep a cigar in a fine cigar case?

For cigar aficionados who often enjoy their cigars on the go, but don’t fancy lugging around a travel humidor, cigar cases are the best way option. Dunhill’s range provides both guaranteed safety of your cigar investments and an added accessory to finish off your stylish look. A fine gentleman needs to look no further than the Dunhill range to find the perfect cigar case for himself.

Dunhill Cigar case sidecarThe name Dunhill is synonymous with glamour and quality. For generations the Dunhill mark has stood for uncompromising quality and is the pinnacle for men’s luxury. In the range of prestigious products including cigar cases that they offer, the Dunhill Cigar Cases are very popular in the UK and globally. These cigar cases are an inevitable buy if you want to keep your cigar crush free. The Dunhill Cigar cases are beautiful, well moulded so that all the cigars can be held in place and with leather linings so that the cigar won’t snag.

Why don’t you take a look at our Dunhill The White Spot range of cigar holders? (pictured left) Available for Churchill, Robusto and Corona types of cigar. We supply cigar cases, from Dunhill, in the following ranges: Whitespot range, Classic range, Bulldog range, Sidecar  range and the Terracota range. Cases come in sizes ranging from 1 cigar to 4 cigars, though this depends on the size of the cigar you intend to store.