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Dunhill Humidors are prized investment for any cigar aficionado. A huge amount of effort, dedication and skill goes into the making of a humidor. First, the correct wood needs to be selected. Timber suitable for making humidors is very rare and hard to come by as it must have many different properties.

When selecting the wood for a humidor, the grains must run the same way to avoid splitting during the crafting process. This also provides an added touch of perfection and beauty. It is also important that the wood is chosen from the best sections of the tree. Wood from the lower trunk of a tree is often very rigid and not pliable enough to be carved into a quality humidor, whilst wood from the peak and branches is prone to warping with changes in heat and humidity.

Trees often used for humidor wood are usually found in warmer, humid climates between the tropics. Macassar, Cocobolo and Tamarind for example. This is because they are best known for their unique ability to withstand cupping and warping due to changes in humidity but also because they inflict a pleasant aroma on the tobacco inside.

Not all humidor wood comes from the tropics, however,  Dunhill has a range of humidors made from Grey Oak sourced from the UK. Pictured (Below-Left) Grey Oak is not only pliable and able to maintain humidity within a box, but it has a historical legacy of keeping tobacco beetles and other pests away from your goods.Dunhill humidors Grey Oak

The Dunhill brand itself has been associated with quality and class for decades now. Their assortment of smoking related products is huge. For instance, the Dunhill Cigars and Dunhill Cigar Cutters and the Dunhill Humidor is a name that has been around for a while. Dunhill offers the best selection of luxury cigar humidors combined with timeless quality and design. These easily keep cigars stored under ideal humidity with a tight seal. So when on the move, just carry one of these Dunhill Humidors with you. These will surely not keep your cigars dry!