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Cigar Lighters or powerful butane lighters are a must have tool for all smoking enthusiasts. To take this beyond the light itself, lighters are a huge style statement today. It’s all part and parcel of one’s flamboyance. The number of solutions to choosing a lighter are innumerable.Xikar Cigar Lighters With these sophisticated lighters one now can do away with the old bulky chunk of metal that the world knew as smoking lighters. As well as the awful off license or corner shop Bic lighter, that is famous for tainting smoking experiences with the chemically taste of lighter fluid.

Today’s man needs a refined, powerful and reliable lighter that will never let him down. We supply this luxury style of lighter in many different designs in order to suit your style. We sell for example, DuPont Minijet lighters for those who wish to own a discreet lighter, Lamborghini lighters for the stylish man, Xikar Stratosphere lighters for the adventurer, Xikar plunge for the minimalistic type, DuPont Ligne Lighters for the classy man and the list goes on – There’s a quality lighter for everybody and very kind of man!

Because we are always looking out for the best quality smoking equipment, we are the leading suppliers for high quality lighters and cutters. Delivery is available in UK and also worldwide. We supply major brands including Lamborghini lighters, Xikar lighters and similar more.

We recommend that you take a look at our striking range of Lamborghini cigar lighters (left). Designed by the grandson of Lamborghini himself, these lighters have been engineered to perfection. They provide a balance of stability and functionality, reliability and beauty. Complete with a powerful butane jet flame, simply press the bold button to eject a flame. You are sure to impress when you light up with one of these.

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