Lamborghini cigar lighter | Lamborghini Toro | Lamborghini Forza

Lamborghini is perhaps one of the most recognisable names, in regards to luxury and class. Lamborghini have a large range of cigar lighters in different styles and colours. Each Lamborghini lighter is moulded from the marvellous design of Tonino Lamborghini himself and is then hand crafted and inspected.Lamborghini Lighter

Their For most, it may not be possible to own a Lamborghini engine, but you certainly can possess a Lamborghini cigar lighters of the same quality. The Lamborghini’s range of fine lighters are dedicated to all smokers out there. The precision and perfect engineering of the cars mirrors in this range of Lamborghini Lighters. These Lamborghini smoking accessories are sure to make a statement. Tonino Lamborghini cigar lighters are packaged in a shield-shaped black leatherette, zippered gift box with red piping along the edge and the mark of the bull emblazoned on the top.

We recommend that you take a look at the Lamborghini Forza – Red (Pictured Left). This Forza lighter follows Tonino’s passion with its unique shape and use of high-tech materials like carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber is featured on the front of the lighter, while the back features a laser engraved bull, symbolizing the Tonino Lamborghini logo. The top of the lighter flips up, to reveal where the flame will ignite.  The igniting is done with a rubber push button on the front which also features the bull logo.  Refilling and adjusting the flame is done through the bottom of the lighter.  The lighter comes packaged in a beautiful black and red leather case with a soft velvet interior. This Lamborghini lighter is available in red, yellow, green or a carbon black.

Alternatively, if the Lamborghini Forza is not what you are looking for, you should browse the rest of our catalogue. We stock Lamborghini cigar lighter in a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic. Including Lamborghini El Toro and Lamborghini Estremo.

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