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Dovo Razors is a top name in the world’s straight razor makers. Dovo razors are manufactured from the steelworks region of Solingen in Germany, a place famous for producing quality premium equipment. The Dovo Razors are Cut throat old style razors which means that they are shaving tools which have the ability to hold a sharp edge.Dovo Razors

Today, Dovo offers carbon and stainless steel razors. The shaving experience with either of these two types of Dovo Cut Throat Razors is identical. The use of inexpensive disposable stainless steel blades totally eliminates the need to purchase the hone, strop, and most of the other accessories typically required, lowering the cost and difficulty factors greatly. For most beginners to luxury shaving, the Dovo Cut Throat Razors are the unparalleled  option to begin with.

There comes a time in every man’s life where he must experience the advanced feel of a cut throat razor and leave with the crisp, smooth feeling of a perfect shave. That feeling could be yours as often as your beard grows with a Dovo Razor. Using a straight (or cut throat) razor is not just the most economical way to shave, but gives a superior closeness that is unbeaten by anything else on the market.

We recommend you take a look at the Dovo Tortoseshell cut throat razor. This stunning straight razor is made from the highest quality carbon steel and features an imitation tortoiseshell handle and ornate, full hollow ground blade with 24-carat gold etching

Alternatively, if tortoise shell doesn’t suit your specific style, you should browse our broad range of premium razors (from both Dovo and other reputable brands) to find the perfect razor for your aesthetic. We supply razors in a variety of different themes including Imitation of pearl, Carbon black and a clean cream, to name a few.