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Merkur safety razors are unrivalled when it comes to a close, smooth shave. For safety razors and other accessories Merkur of Solingen (Germany) are world renowned and have been producing top quality straight razors and shaving accessories for many years. The company uses the best materials, and their finely crafted products are designed to stand the test of time. There is no better shave out there!

Merkur Safety Razors 25-001Merkur offers the right safety razors and appropriate shaving accessories for every beard type, thus ensuring the best conditions for an effective wet shave. Regardless of whether you prefer a thorough clean shave or want to give your beard the right contours, when you purchase Merkur products you acquire a piece of the highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day.

We recommend you take a look at the Merkur 25-001 (pictured left).  For straight razors the “Original” and still one the best! This is the razor that men the world over have loved to shave with for nearly 100 years. This Open Comb razor will permit the closet shave possible, recommended for more experienced wet-shavers, this razor is an especially good choice for tough, heavey beards.

If this razor doesn’t suit your style, then you should be sure to take a look at the rest of our catalogue. We supply Merkur razors such as the 15-001, a good razor for those with thin facial hair, the Merkur 23-001, similar to the original but with a longer handle, the Merkur Futur, and more premium quality Merkur razors to fit your theme.

If safety razors don’t fit in with your style, then be sure to take a look at the other top quality brands of razors and shaving products we stock.  Including, Parker, Edwin Jagger, Proraso, Dovo and more!