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There was a time when men frequented barbers and salons for that perfect, clean and smooth shave. The shave of the sharp razor was something that the gentlemen craved for. With the spurt in the growth of the shaving industry and the variety of razors being provided, men started getting the benefit of the smooth shave at home. While many have been diverted to lesser quality high street razors, thousands still prefer the awesome shave of Parker safety razors.

For nearly four decades, The Parker Safety Razors have set the gold standard for fine grooming supplies. These Parker Safety Razors are hand crafted and undergo extensive tests to ascertain both, quality and testing. The Parker Razors are made with the finest materials available. Parker Razors are designed to feel natural in the hand to anyone who is familiar with shaving with a safety razor. Parker Straight Razors are available at an affordable cost.Parker Safety Razors - 65R

We recommend that you take a look at the Parker Safety Razors 65R. Featuring the new Parker head, this razor has a longer handle than the usual. The nickel plated head is a 2 piece construction which seems to closely mimic the head on Muhle safety razors. The handle is simply stunning. It has the appearance of being graphite plated with gold plating inlays in an intricate vaguely Arabic looking design. The overall effect is amazing, truly different and very pleasing on the eyes.

If this Safety razor doesn’t fit into your personal aesthetic, then you will be pleased to know that we have a broad range of premium Parker razors and other accessories available. Including, the classic 91R, the sheik 71R and many more magnificent razors. Alternatively, if Parker safety razors aren’t your thing, then you should browse our vast collection of premium shaving brands.

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