Shaving accessories

Some would say that all a man needs is a safety razor and a sink to maintain his grooming and hygiene standards. Modern men (and women!) have a different opinion, with the rise of a keen sense in the dimension of gentlemanly shaving. Premium shaving brands have given birth to revised and new trends in moustache and beard styles. The latest, best shave is only attainable with the finest shaving accessories that we provide.

Its time to indulge yourself with these  exquisitely designed handcrafted shaving accessories by Edwin Jagger. Internationally renowned for exquisite workmanship Edwin Jagger products are used by discerning wet shavers the world over. To achieve ‘the perfect shave’ you must first have the correct shaving equipment and shaving accessories. Naturally, these shaving accessories have to be chosen well and sensibly to flatter all your needs and style. These Edwin Jagger Shaving accessories, including premium shaving cream and shaving bowls, are all you need to venture into the world of better shaving.

Shaving AccessoriesWe recommend that you take a look at our porcelain Edwin Jagger shaving bowl (Pictured Left). Black is the new white! This traditional style porcelain shaving soap bowl with handle and Edwin Jagger hallmark is a great shaving accompaniment, a wonderful gift for dedicated wet shavers. Refills are available in various fragrances.

If this style of shaving bowl isn’t your idea of luxury then you should have a look at the other hues and designs of our fragranced shaving bowls. Such as our shining nickel shaving bowl or white porcelain bowl. Alternatively, if you already own a shaving bowl, you should browse our selection of other premium shaving products. Such as our range of shaving soaps available in aloe vera, sea buckthorn, sandalwood and more! Everything you could ever need to maintain your grooming ritual is available at