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There are few beasts more manly than the badger so it is coincidently appropriate that the hair that makes the best men’s grooming brushes comes from the stout black and white Moselid. For longer than two centuries now, Edwin Jagger has been manufacturing shaving brushes with badger hair. Ideal for wet shaving, these Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes, brushes are filled with the finest grades of badger hair, particularly well suited to shaving with traditional shaving soaps and creams. Badger hair is often preferred for wet shaving because it absorbs water, is soft and durable, and it lathers well.

Consequently, when the Edwin Jagger shaving brush is combined with hot water and quality Edwin Jagger shaving cream or soap, the lathering process introduces air and creates a warm, rich creamy lather that cleanses the skin, lifts the beard hairs and lubricates the path of the razor. Providing a shaving experience like no other.Shaving Brushes

We recommend that you take a look at our Edwin Jagger imitation ivory badger hair brush. (Pictured left). These excellent quality Imitation Ivory shaving brushes, used with quality shaving cream or soap will create a rich shaving lather. All are hand made in Sheffield using selected polyester material and are hand filled with best quality badger hair. Best badger is an excellent quality for those wet shavers with strong hair growth or who prefer a rather firmer lathering sensation.

If imitation ivory doesn’t fit with your personal theme, be sure to have a look at our other styles of badger hair shaving brushes. The brushes we supply come in a variety of colours including, Ebony, Silver and more. Brushes come in four sizes depending on what you are looking for, small, medium, large and super large. Don’t miss out on our other luxury mens’s grooming products either, browse our vast catalogue at!

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