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Itsamansworld online shopping source for premium branded smoking accessories in UK and globally. We carefully inspect which brands we supply in order to maintain a good reputation and provide quality products to our customers. The brands we supply are Dunhill, S.T DuPont and Xikar with more coming soon! The types of smoking accessories we sell are pipes, butane lighters, cigarette holders, premium filters and papers, tobacco pouches, pipe  cases, racks and cleaners.Smoking accessories

Smoking and tobacco use is an old tradition dating back many thousands of years. Not always have those who partake in the act of smoking have been entitled to the finest smoking accessories. The modern day man however has a broad range of products to choose from to satisfy his smoking needs. Whether you prefer the reliable method of rolling and smoking your tobacco with papers and a filter or you are the sophisticated pipe smoker, we have something for your style of smoking.

There is no greater way to smoke than making it more like a ritual or something really exciting to do. For example, you can make a greater experience out of smoking than just lighting up a smoke when you feel the urge. This means searching for the lighter that fits your style, in a similar way you shop for clothes that flatter you.  In this same manner, finding the perfect accessories will compliment your own personal aesthetic. Itsamansworld is a one stop shop for premium branded smoking accessories.

We recommend that you have a look at our vast online catalogue of Dunhill pipes. The White Spot has been famous for producing the finest pipes for over a century. The famous white spot on each cigar was an implementation of Alfred Dunhill himself. It  allowed the various different hand crafters of the pipe to remember which way was up (it’s not always obvious on an unfinished pipe). This is important as the Dunhill pipe range can pass through up to one hundred hands before it is finished.


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