Alfred Dunhill Pipes

Dunhill Pipes truly are among the finest pipes made today! Called “The Rolls Royce of Pipes”, these flawless briars are perfect. That means no fills, pits, or flaws are found in or on these well crafted Dunhill Pipes. Of the highest collectability and highly sought after for their sweet smoke, Dunhill Pipes give you the prestige of knowing that you are smoking the best!

Alfred Dunhill started his company in 1893 & his first pipe shop opened in 1907 in London. Dunhill uses the finest quality briar in all Dunhill Pipes which go through over 100 different steps from start to finish. Its trademark “white spot” make Dunhill Pipes and other Dunhill products instantly recognizable as among the best in the world. The famous “white spot” on every Dunhill Pipe was designed by necessity enabling workers to tell which end of the stem was up. Needless to say, the quality of craftsmanship has come a long way since those days. By the end of the Great War, Dunhill was established as THE smoking pipe of choice, an opinion that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pipe smokers adhere to today.Dunhill Pipes - titanic

Few other retailers will you find such a range of pipes of such quality as we are pleased to announce that Its A Mans World is one of a select few authorized Dunhill dealers in the UK and invite you to experience for yourself the singular pleasure that comes only from smoking a Dunhill Pipe.

One notable Dunhill pipe is the pipe pictured (left). Not only does the pipe feature a perfect one way grain but is complete and unique with a small part of the Titanic inside! Salvaged from the sea bed, small and extremely valuable pieces of the forsaken ship were placed inside a small amount of pipes. To own one would be a total privilege

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