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Dunhill is a name globally recognised by tobacco enthusiasts world wide, whether they be cigar aficionados, pipe enthusiasts or cigarette smokers. With good reason too, Alfred Dunhill made a name for himself with the dedicated perfectionism he showcased in his products. Around 50% of Dunhill products don’t make it to the point of sale because of the traditionally strict quality standards. Owning a Dunhill Cigarette holder is a privilege.

The first dunhill shop opened more than a century ago, in London. Word of mouth promotion and the cheapening prices of tobacco products caused massive growth for the then small company. Alfred Dunhill was an opportunist and quickly expanded to become the most reputable tobacco accessories merchant in all of Britain by the end of the second world war. For most companies, such growth would surely have caused product quality to dampen, but not for Dunhill. To this day, The White Spot are famous for their quality management inspections for all their products be they pipes, cigarette holders, humidors ect.

Dunhill Cigarette Holder Shortie Tortois LaquerNaturally, Dunhill is a name British brand associated with highly luxurious men’s accessories. These Dunhill Cigarette Holders are smart, bold and the superlative of masculinity. Their exquisite craftsmanship make the Dunhill Cigarette Holders an exclusive addition to your cigarette smoking experience.  The Dunhill Cigarette Holder can certainly be beautiful gifts to give. Alfred Dunhill’s Cigarette Holders use only the best raw materials and the finest craftsmen to produce a product of such quality that it can bear the Dunhill name.

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