Peterson Pipes | Standard System | Hand Made | Sherlock Holmes

High quality briar wood Peterson pipes. Specially selected fine quality bowl mounted with a hallmarked sterling silver band and an army style mouthpiece. Available in smooth or sandblast finish. Premier Systems Pipes are available in the same shapes as Standard Systems Pipes.Peterson Pipes

These are a must have for all die hard Sherlock Holmes fans. These pipes are inspired by Sherlock Holmes, because Holmes is perhaps the most famous pipe smoking character in fiction. He is reputed to have kept a selection of favourite pipes – from plain black clay to richly grained briar – to which he frequently resorted to for inspiration, while unraveling a mystery, or solving a knotty problem. Apart from these times, Holmes sought to smoking pipe in solace, after bringing a difficult case to successful conclusion, and always for pleasure. These Peterson Sherlock Holmes Original Pipes are perhaps the most successful ones in terms of numbers and certainly something that you should own.