Little's Instant - Amaretto Coffee
Little's Instant - Amaretto Coffee

Little’s Instant – Amaretto Coffee


Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with the vibrant taste of Amaretto. Packed in a 50g pot.

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Little’s Instant – Amaretto Coffee

The journey of Little’s Coffee started over 25 years ago in Finland where husband and wife team Henry and Leila Little first conceived the idea of making American style flavoured coffee. Finland? American style coffee? Yes, Leila is a Finnish national, and Henry an American student who was studying in Scandinavia when the two met. During their travels to California, the pair had been inspired by speciality coffee roasters who were adding natural extracts to their coffee beans. Inspired by this alternative to the usual cup of Joe the couple returned to Finland, packed in their day jobs and started roasting their own beans infusing them with flavour extracts from their favourite ingredients. Little did they know that they were on their way to becoming committed flavour enthusiasts.

We don’t think your taste buds should suffer just because you want to save a bit of time, so we’ve put together a range of premium instant coffees to get as close to that taste of a traditionally brewed cup as possible. You may be sceptical, considering the stigma surrounding instant coffee, but our silky and distinctively aromatic blends are sure to hit the spot. Browse our coffee catalogue to find the right coffee to suit you individual style at

Amaretto Coffee

What is Amaretto coffee? Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with natural almond extract. This is one of our personal favourites and is just like adding a dash of Dissarono to your coffee, but without the sweetness. Very Italian, especially with a slice of biscotti on the side. Everyone should try Little’s fantastic almond coffee at least once.

Product Details:

  • Freeze-dried Arabica coffee
  • Natural almond Flavour
  • No Added Sugar
  • Only 4 calories per serving
  • 50 gram pot
  • Packed in an environment that contains nut oils
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