Xikar Xi3 Cutter Coral
Xikar Xi3 Cutter Coral

Xikar Xi3 Cutter – Coral Edition


A cigar cutter as precious as the coral that it was crafted from. Xikar’s Xi3 range is only for the distinguished aficionado.


Product Description

Xikar Xi3 Coral Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter as precious as the coral that crafted it

Xikar’s iconic teardrop shape cigar cutter has been paired with strikingly beautiful coral handles found on the ocean floor, after rising through the sandy bed. The coral has been fossilised for thousands of years. These Xikar Xi3 Cutters are the ultimate accessory for the distinguished cigar smoker who wants a quality cut and a magnificent look. The natural coral handles are crafted by hand and assembled by Scrimshaw Artist, Rick “HutcH” Hutchings. No two are alike.

Xikar are the leading manufacturer of cigar cutters, globally. Xikar is a name known by all cigar enthusiasts whether they be mature aficionados or junior smokers. Such a grand reputation does not come without good reason, Xikar are deservingly among the most premium brands for their undoubtable reliability, durability and functionality. (not forgetting the time and skill that goes into creating a beautiful piece of equipment). Any good man should be proud to own a luxurious Xikar Xi3 cutter.

We are proud to announce that we are one of the largest Xikar retailers in the UK. We supply Xikar cutters in a variety of colours. Including, Black, Red, Gold, Silver, Titanium, Gunmetal, Blue and many more. We also stock different styles of cigar cutter, such as the Xi1, Xi2 and Xi3 ranges of double guillotine cutter. V-Cuts and punch cutters, by Xikar, are also on our product list. With so much to choose from you are certain to find a cigar cutter that suits your personal theme. Buy yours now from Its a Mans World – itsamanworld.uk.com.

Tiger Coral
Tiger Coral is stabilized sponge coral with a creamy base colour and black or brown exotic stripes. It has natural beige and black sections, reminiscent of the sections in bamboo plants or tiger pattern.

Apple Coral
Apple Coral is stabilized luscious red sponge coral, typically imported from Taiwan and Indonesia. It is naturally a dark brick red, but red dye is sometimes added to stabilize the resin. This type of coral is mainly found in the Pacific or Indian Oceans.

Product Details:

  • Bold, masculine and beautifully engineered
  • 440C Stainless steel, Rockwell HRC 57
  • Swift and powerful double guillotine cut
  • Cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar
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    Apple Coral, Tiger Coral


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