What are the Four Types of Cigar Cutter?

What are the four types of cigar cutters?

Types of cigar cutters

A fraction of the types of cigar cutters available on the market.

During the final process of making a quality cigar, the end is sealed with a protective cap. This is to prevent the cigar unwrapping, as it experiences varying levels of humidity on the road to your ashtray. To be smoked, a cigar cap needs to be opened with a cigar cutter. This can mean slicing it through with a guillotine cutter, or simply removing it with your teeth as they did before the age of luxury cigar cutters. Some distinguished cigar aficionados insist on using a specific style of the four types of cigar cutter, whilst others just use whatever is convenient. Below you will find the current most popular types of cigar cutters.

Guillotine cutter

The most popular type of cigar cutter, the guillotine is used to perform a smooth cut across the end of the cigar. They come in two varieties, single blade and double blade. The double blade is more common and generally a better choice for a smoother slice through the cigar head. Single blade cutters are known to spoil a smoking experience by damaging the cigar, as it is forced against the blunt side of the tool. The best technique to avoid this is to press the cigar against the sharpened blade and swiftly close the guillotine, producing a clean-cut, hopefully. An alternative to this is to use the much more proficient double guillotine cutter. Blades are readied at both ends of the chamber then sprung shut simultaneously, cutting the cigar from both sides. One Luxury double guillotine cutter we recommend is Tonino Lamborghini’s cigar cutter We sell popular brands of both double and single-edged guillotine cutters, including Xikar, S.T Dupont and Dunhill


V-cutters are aptly named after the V-shaped notch they make in the cigar cap, also called a “cat’s eye”. V-cutters don’t disgruntle as much tobacco as the other types of cigar cutters. This allows cigar smokers to draw more air through the cigar without exposing their tongue to the harsh tobacco. V-Cuts are a good type of cigar cutter for cigars with a smaller ring gauge, though we do supply V-Cutters that can be used on a 70 ring gauge cigar with ease, such as the Xikar VX. It is intelligent not to produce too deep of a cut, however, as often this will cause the smoke to become too hot.

Punch cutter

Punch cutters are the most subtle of the four types of cigar cutters. Often small and carried on key rings, punch cutters contain a blade with a razor edge that is usually concealable. The best technique is to gently push the blade into the head of the cigar to core out a small opening. If you prefer a lot of smoke, simply insert the cutter a few different times to form a hole with a wider radius. If you are one for cigars with a mixed filling, this is the cigar cutter for you. The chance of bits of tobacco ending up in your mouth is minimised. This type of cigar cutter however is not a good choice for smaller cigars or torpedo types.. We supply some excellent Xikar punch cutters!

Scissor cutter

Cigar scissors and guillotine cutters are similar types of cigar cutter, in the respect that they produce the same end result. Cigar scissors are usually manufactured with surgical quality stainless steel to produce a crisp cut across the cap. Be careful however, because low quality cigar scissors (or regular household scissors!) will likely cause your cigar to tear and unravel. It is important to remember the maintenance of your cigar cutters. If one allows the blades to dull this could lead to cutters which crush the cap and damage cigars. You can view the various types of cigar cutters which we stock, along with a multitude of quality brands.

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